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About Spire

Spire Psychometrics opened its proverbial doors in November of 2018, with the goal of providing a cost-effective and personal psychometric solutions attuned to the specific needs of the Canadian market. The slogan, “A high point for professional testing’, brings together the quality of solution and service that Spire aims to provide, an allusion to optimization/maximization that is the mathematical objective of much psychometric work, and Greg’s enduring love of the mountains and climbing. 

Greg Sadesky


Greg has served the testing and applied research communities for over 20 years. He specializes in creating psychometric solutions for the Certification & Licensure sector, mostly in Canada. Before starting Spire Psychometrics in 2018, Greg was the EVP Psychometrics and Chief Scientific Officer for Yardstick Assessment Strategies in which he served for almost 10 years. During that time, Yardstick’s Psychometric department grew from one employee to the largest private sector testing services provider in Canada. 

Greg’s professional mission is to meet and exceed expectations both by carefully understanding client needs, but also connecting them with psychometric solutions they might not otherwise be aware of. To this end, Greg is constantly researching opportunities to provide value to potential clients, whether through innovative psychometric process (such as Automatic Item Generation or Automated Test Assembly) or partnerships with other software and service providers. Greg’s goal is to provide industry-leading psychometric and testing solutions aligned with the needs and constraints of your organization.

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